A Comprehensive Guide to Tent Camping with Cots in 2023

Camping is one of the most loved outdoor activities because it brings people closer to nature while giving them respite from their daily urban routine. Many people cherish sleeping bags placed on the cold, rugged ground wrapped inside a snug tent. However, some others find this way of camping a bit rough on their comfort standards. This comprehensive guide aims to introduce you to the world of tent camping with cots, shedding light on the significant benefits, how to choose a perfect cot, essential camping equipment, and tips for a successful camping experience using cots.

Elevate Your Tent Camping Experience

It’s time to say goodbye to those uncomfortable and cold nights on the ground. Tent camping with cots affords you numerous benefits:

1. Enhanced comfort and a better night’s sleep: One of the best reasons to opt for cots while tent camping is the comfort they provide. A camping cot serves as a more bed-like surface, allowing for improved sleep quality in comparison to the hard, uneven ground.

2. Protection from cold, damp ground: While camping, a cot acts as an insulating barrier that lifts you off the cold, damp ground, ensuring a warmer, drier night’s sleep.

3. Increased storage space under the cot: Have limited storage in your tent? No worries. The space underneath the cot serves as additional storage for your camping gear. This not only increases the available storage area but also keeps your belongings up and off the ground.

4. Personal space and organization: Cots enable you to maintain a decluttered and organized tent area, making your camping adventure much more enjoyable.

cot inside a camping tent

Choosing the Perfect Cot for Tent Camping

The following are some essential factors to consider when choosing the ideal camping cot:

1. Size and weight capacity: Make sure the cot is large enough for you to sleep comfortably. Additionally, check the weight limit to ensure it can support you securely.

2. Materials and build quality: Look for a cot that is made from high-quality and durable materials, so it can withstand repeated use and handle different types of outdoor conditions.

3. Portability and ease of set-up: Camping often involves trekking to reach your desired camping spot. A lightweight cot with ease of setup is the best option in such a scenario. A cumbersome, heavy cot might spoil your camping experience.

4. Extra features: Check for added features such as padding, integrated storage, or bedside tables that can enhance your comfort and make organizing easier during camping.

Setting Up a Cot Inside Your Tent

Properly setting up your cot is crucial for a good night’s sleep and to prevent any damage to your tent:

1. Finding a level surface and clearing the area: Before setting up the tent, make sure that the ground underneath is level and free from sticks or rocks that might hamper the cot or tent.

2. Properly assembling and securing the cot: Clear a level area inside your tent and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for assembling your cot. Once assembled, ensure it is stable and balanced.

3. Considerations for multiple cots and maximizing space: If you want multiple cots in one tent, ensure the tent is spacious enough for those cots and still allows for comfortable movement. Arranging the cots head-to-foot might help maximize space.

4. Protective measures for your tent floor: Prevent damage to your tent floor from cot legs by placing a mat or tarp underneath the cot.

A person reading book inside camping cot in a tent

Packing Essentials for Tent Camping with Cots

Equip yourself with the following essentials for a memorable tent camping experience:

1. Sleeping bag or blankets: Adding a sleeping bag or blanket on top of the cot ensures added warmth on cold nights.

2. Pillows and other bedding accessories: To maximize comfort, it is important to pack essential bedding accessories like pillows or cushions.

3. Utility items for the cot: Items like cup holders or storage pouches can be useful additions to your camping cot.

4. Groundsheets or tarps: These provide an additional protective layer under your cot, safeguarding it from the elements.

Additional Tips for a Successful Tent Camping Experience with Cots

  1. Maintaining and cleaning your cot: To extend the lifespan of your cot, clean it before storing it, ensuring it is completely dry to avoid mold and mildew growth.
  2. Storing your camping cot when not in use: It is essential to store your cot in a cool, dry place. A carry bag can protect it from dust and critters when not in use.
  3. Combining cot camping with other amenities: For added comfort, pair your cot with an air mattress or sleeping pad, and ensure your tent is large enough to accommodate these additions.
  4. Family camping considerations: When camping with family, consider bunk cots for kids or larger tents that can accommodate more people comfortably.


Incorporating a cot into your tent camping endeavors can significantly enhance your outdoor experience. Cots offer increased comfort, warmth, and space utilization, enabling you to enjoy a hassle-free time in nature. Next time you’re planning an outdoor adventure, consider tent camping with cots and appreciate the convenience these elevated sleeping supports bring to your escapade. Happy camping!

An In-depth Comprehensive Guide to Camping with Cots in 2023
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An In-depth Comprehensive Guide to Camping with Cots in 2023
Discover how to elevate your camping game by using cots instead of the ground. We explore the key benefits, a buyer's guide, set up tips, and camping essentials.
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